What If ... You Get That Call at Midnight?

Posted on November 10, 2020 by

What If the attorneys from your firm are working feverishly at home to finalize a brief for filing in the morning  -- and suddenly your firm’s document management system or Exchange server crashes?  When you get that panicked call from a partner at midnight, does your tech staff have a plan and the right resources in place to support your firm’s business critical applications?

In the technology field, it’s important to bear in mind Murphy’s Law – if something can go wrong in a given situation, it eventually will.  And for those of us in the legal tech world, there’s a corollary to Murphy’s Law, which is – things tend to go wrong at the absolutely worst time, when a brief needs to be filed or a deal is on the verge of closing.

With staff working from home and business critical applications running both on prem and in the cloud, the demands on your IT team and the need for rapid response capability have never been greater.  Most firms are running more business-critical applications than ever before, while the operating environment continues to grow increasingly complicated. 

Escalation support is one of the essential functions that law firms can and should consider outsourcing to a third-party technology provider.  This is true for any size firm.  It’s simply not possible to have all the expertise you need in-house. The operating environment for law firms is so unique, a firm needs escalation support that’s both broad and deep, capable of troubleshooting each business-critical app, without jeopardizing the interoperation of all the moving parts.  Don’t wait until your phone rings at midnight to make sure you have the right escalation support solution in place.


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