Nothing Compares With compareDocs

Posted on October 15, 2019 by Kerry Carroll

Document comparison is an absolutely essential technology for law firms today.  It’s a critical productivity tool that most lawyers rely on every day.  In evaluating our clients’ usage, we determined that a mid-sized firm with 50 attorneys will perform on average 100 document comparisons per day.

And it’s a software application that also plays a vital role in client service because it’s how your firm keeps clients fully informed about work-in-progress, whether that means tracking changes in the latest round of deal documents or briefs being revised before filing.  Document comparison is at the heart of modern legal practice.

That’s why our team at DocsCorp is laser focused on making compareDocs the gold standard and maintaining its position as the market-leading tool, relied on by more law firms around the world than any other document comparison software. Our motto is simple.  Nothing compares to compareDocs when it comes to reliability, stability and ease of use.

Here are the key features to keep in mind when you stack up our software against the other options in the market:

  • How intuitive and easy-to-use is your document comparison tool?

Document comparison is an application that every lawyer, paralegal and legal assistant in your office will have to launch from time to time.  That’s why ease of use is the top priority of our development team. 

The compareDocs interface is modern, simple and intuitive. Loading documents into the interface is made easy by multiple integration points. You can add documents directly from Microsoft Office, Outlook, leading Document Management Systems and Windows file systems, or simply drag and drop into compareDocs and compare - it's that simple.

  • Does your document comparison tool run efficiently by comparing documents natively?

compareDocs doesn't convert documents to a proprietary format before comparing. Instead, it compares documents at the binary or direct file level. This results in a faster comparison as it doesn't have to open the source document each time. Also, analyzing text at the binary level reduces the risk of document corruption, while retaining document formatting and styles. No more wasted time reformatting documents.

  • Can you output the comparison report as a live Word document using your document comparison tool?

When comparing two Word documents, compareDocs can output the comparison report as a traditional redline or as a track changes document. This new "go forward" document allows you to accept/reject changes immediately, saving you time. Comparison reports can be output as Word or as PDF documents irrespective of the source documents.

  • Does your document comparison application compare apples to oranges?

With compareDocs, you can compare two Word documents or two PDF documents with drag-and-drop ease. Equally, you can compare Word to PDF, or any two text-based documents. compareDocs inbuilt OCR capability lets you also compare image-based documents, which can be output as redline or track changes documents in Word or PDF.

  • Does your document comparison application support complex workflows?

compareDocs provides single-click workflows to reduce complexity and inefficiencies in performing a particular task or process. For example, you can compare documents, output the comparison report to PDF, and send the whole thing as an email with a single click. The source documents will be attached to the email automatically.

Or, say you need to compare two PDFs. What you don't know is that one of the PDFs is an image-based PDF. This will require the document to be OCR'ed before it can be compared. compareDocs automatically detects this and will OCR the PDF when you click Compare.


See the difference

We could go on with this discussion and give you at least ten other reasons why no other tools on the market can compare to compareDocs.  We could explain to you why Microsoft Word compare struggles to meet the demanding needs of law firms in this critical function.

But you know what - reading about document comparison software doesn't compare to actually seeing it in action. So instead, I'd like to invite you to get a trial version of compareDocs so you can test drive it for yourself. (See our document comparison software cloud tool also). 

This is a fully functional copy with 100% of the product feature set for you to test-drive; compare Word to Word, PDF to PDF, Word to PDF. compareDocs provides out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Office, iManage, OpenText eDOCS, NetDocuments, ProLaw, Worldox, and Microsoft SharePoint.


Click here to start your free trial of compareDocs today


About the author:  Kerry leads a global team responsible for DocsCorp's corporate brand, communications, and marketing efforts worldwide. Kerry has a deep understanding of marketing backed by more than 25 years’ experience in various roles within Ireland, the UK, and the U.S. When he isn't working at the DocsCorp Sydney office, he's having a hit of tennis or spending time with his two daughters. 


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