Five Essential Steps to Secure Videoconferencing and Prevent Corporate Espionage

Posted on March 31, 2020 by Frank Flores

In the effort to flatten the curve with the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple businesses in the private sector are potentially forced to compromise certain aspects of cybersecurity. A remote work environment may seem ideal for employees, it can create a number of creative loopholes that hackers can exploit.

During this time, many companies have come to rely on video conferencing to enable collaboration amongst their employees who are presently working from home. Unfortunately, hackers are actively targeting these video conferencing solutions! Therefore it is incumbent upon employers to secure these systems.

We suggest these five strategies which will add extra layers of security to your corporate video conferences:

1. Authenticated Users: Make sure that every participant is authenticating in the video conferencing app. Many applications have this feature easily accessible by simply checking the box.

2. Create meeting passwords: Every meeting should have a meeting password that is secure enough to not be guessed.

3. The Mute button: Depending on the audience, not every participant needs to talk. Define from the beginning who the decision makers and meeting moderators are.

4. Presentations: Define who will be the “host” and sparingly provide access to those who need it to present. Make sure that the ability for ALL to present is disabled.

5. Meeting Links: Exercise the term “Need to Know” regarding meeting notices. For example, not everyone in the company needs to know you are having a meeting discussing budgets for next year. Avoid sending meeting links to large email groups. Instead only share the link with those who are participating in the meeting.

Implementing these strategies can help protect your company, your employees, and, most importantly, your data. While it takes time and dedication to make cybersecurity part of your daily routine, it’s especially important in today’s new computing environment.

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